16 July 2011

Personal Inflation Rate

This is perhaps a more important measure for comparing if your income increment matches your desired lifestyle.

Example, it really does not help if the overall reported annual inflation rate is 3% but you choose to obtain hire purchase for a more luxurious car every year. Your monthly commitment will increase, hence the income increment is quickly negated in this case. Then again, a vehicle is still a liability instead of an asset, we are knew that.

In a nutshell, personal inflation rate largely depends on the type and amount of your expenditure. Live modestly is my motto. I could have easily upgraded to a smartphone, just for the pleasure of it but no thanks, unless my good old Nokia stupid phone goes kaput, I do not think I need a new handset for now :)


1 comment:

  1. you write kaput is not a international languege, let me correct here: kaput means "faulty" :)


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