Who is LCF?

My Financial Thoughts

Many of us begin to worry about our personal financial management, at a stage in our lives when our financial responsibilities get heavier….like getting married, purchasing a home, having the first child, taking care of ageing parents, planning for child education and our own retirement.

Unfortunately, our education systems do not provide much guidance in financial literacy. It also does not help that the mass media constantly encourages people to spend for instant gratification.

For many, the only non brainer financial principle our parents taught – "spend less what you earn", which is the pillar of prudent financial management.

However, it is more crucial to be financially literate and to take a more holistic approach in personal finance management. It’s not just about using money to make more money blindly, but we need to manage the risks as well – both personally and financially.

This blog is an expression of my thoughts, analysis and personal opinion, which in no way should be constituted as hard facts or recommendations.

I believe the more you share with others, the more you gain back, especially from those who are better and smarter.

Let’s exchange our ideas, efforts and experiences. I openly welcome any comments on any blunders here.

A Man in the Street

I am a relatively newcomer to Malaysia’s personal finance blogosphere, who advocates prudent personal financial management.

I am an engineer by training and profession, having been in the corporate rat race for 6+ years.

After earning the state of Sabah top student in SPM 1999 and subsequently securing a state foundation scholarship, I pursued an engineering degree at Multimedia University. I graduated with first class honors degree in Electronics Engineering (majoring in Computer).

Currently taking CFP Courses at KDU Penang, and is an Associate Member of Financial Planning Association of Malaysia.

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